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Austrian poetry warmly congratulate the success of the German machinery DMP Show in 2015

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Austrian poetry debut in 2015 DMP German Machinery Exhibition

      November 2015 18-21 days, "DMP 17th Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics, Packaging & Rubber Exhibition" at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Austrian poetry German machinery to bring new and high-tech precision collective appearance Chun Branch in booth 3E101.

       The company demonstrated the latest air-cooled honeycomb desiccant wheel three-in-one machine, the machine integrates dehumidifying, drying and feeding three functions in one, especially for hygroscopic engineering plastics or high-quality products of medium moisture of plastic materials, such as PET, PBT, PA, TPU and so on. Lowest dew point as low as -45oC, using the latest energy-efficient air-cooling technology, no external cooling water, reduce heat loss, easy to move.

      With the growth of factory rent and labor costs, with the growing competition in the industry, how to reduce the cost of doing business has become the key to enhance production profits. OCD-H honeycomb air-cooled three-in-one the biggest advantage is energy efficient, and dried under the same conditions, the same drying effect, because the use of energy-efficient air-cooled technology, than conventional water-cooled three-in-one energy-saving 30-45%. The aircraft show, attracting the attention of many customers.

       Many foreign customers of the product showed great interest in, a customer on the spot to discuss business, the company colleagues to customer problems were resistant to answer. More customers to exchange business cards, similar to the end of the exhibition on the company site visits and discuss appropriate follow-up cooperation.

Posed for pictures with some customers

      Warm congratulations to the success of this show! Austrian poetry German machinery production and installation of the central feeding system, dehumidifying dryers, chillers, mold temperature, suction machines and other plastic auxiliary equipment. The company is committed to the overall plastics processing automation systems, engineering plastics processing and improve product quality, optimize production processes in plastics processing, environmental protection and energy-saving design plastics processing and production, and improving the working environment to enhance plastics processing.