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Austrian poetry Germany specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic auxiliary machinery leader in the field

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      From the Development of China's machinery industry point of view, many incurable diseases always haunt us, such as severe impact of the global financial crisis - irrational industrial structure; focus on labor-intensive industrial products and technology-intensive products significantly behind industrialized countries; energy consumption and output is not proportional; environmental pollution and destructive natural resources strengthened; lack of enterprise technology innovation ability, management level backward and so on. Located in the "Made in China of all," the City of Austrian poetry Tak Machinery Co., Ltd. is in this context, Win, self-reliance, to overcome difficulties and become the design and manufacture of plastic auxiliary machinery leader in the field.

      After years of growth and development, Austrian poetry Tak Machinery has become the design, production, sales and maintenance in one, and has a design capacity of independent development of science and technology innovation enterprises. Currently Austrian poetry Germany has a manufacturing plant, and a plurality of agent sales and service points in Tianjin, Jinan, Suzhou, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Chongqing and other places. Based in China, global services. Austrian poetry Tak Machinery is committed to the plastic factory automation effort overall systems, engineering plastics factory and improve product quality, and to improve the plastic factory work environment.

      Austrian poetry Tak Machinery in "desiccant for conveying, mixing spices, hot swap and crushing and recycling" five have many years of accumulation and precipitation. Adhering to the "focus on product details, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy and the "endless innovation," the development of ideas, constantly improve product quality, while also technical innovation, now in the plastic molding peripherals industry has a mature technology, industry-leading level.

      Germany's large central Austrian poetry feeding system and cold water circulation system, including raw materials concentrate drying, metering and mixing and temperature control of the three systems, widely used in plastics molding industry. The company's main products are: dehumidifiers, hopper dryer, automatic suction machine, three-in-one desiccant feed composition, water type / oil type mold temperature machine, industrial chillers, grinder, mixer, metering masterbatch , linear shaker other high-tech products.

      Customer first for the purpose, in order to value the contribution of responsibility, continue to reflect the product's market adaptability, to grasp the latest developments in the industry, adhere to high-quality products and advanced. Through active listening, meticulous service, humility, and always maintain close contact with customers.