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The central feeding system Precautions have?

Source: This websitePopularity: 384Time: 2015-12-28SML

      The central feeding system system in industrial production, according to different production machine, flexible change for quantity, having a plurality of feed pipes designed to meet the diverse requirements of the ingredient, is an indispensable production plant equipment. Germany last Austrian poetry technician also to introduce the benefits of what the central feeding system is installed, today explain the central feeding system Precautions have?

      1. Before starting the central feeding system, should try to use the drive wheel to rotate a human twice, confirm the flexibility to operate in turn on the power, waiting for the central feeding system is working properly before you start feeding.

      2, the central feeding system during operation to maintain uniform feeding, to avoid overload. But also to prevent other broken objects fall into the machine.

      3, the use of central feeding system process, if found to have been damaged or worn parts phenomenon, to timely treatment to repair or replacement of parts.

      4, the central feeding system during operation to ensure good bearing lubrication, and pay attention to the bearing temperature is too high. Once a sound and vibration is not normal, to stop doing checks to see whether there is a fault, timely maintenance.

      5, the central feeding system if you want to stop running, you should stop feeding, inside and machine residual material discharge clean, the motor is switched off.

      6, when the central feeding system downtime, the need for the bolts checked to see whether there is loose, to tighten firmly.

      The above is the central feeding system considerations. In their daily work, the need for regular on the central feeding system for maintenance and avoid the central feeding system system failure, prolong life, can bring more benefits for the enterprise, reduce production costs.