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Cause and Solution centralized feed system to produce noise

Source: This websitePopularity: 367Time: 2015-12-28SML

      Concentrated feed system can be a variety of materials for centralized dehumidification drying, color matching and closed transport and other processes integration. Design a machine a pipe effectively prevent the occurrence of the resurgence of raw materials, clogging, can ensure stable operation of the system, improve work efficiency, but also to ensure the quality of the product. If the centralized feed system noise issue, not only the staff will make irritable feeling, the worst case will cause the system not working properly. In order to avoid this from happening, the German professional technicians Austrian poetry today just as we explain the reason for centralized feeding system noise and solutions are there?

      1, the general lack of focus if the feeding system for the fuel tank of hydraulic oil, air will enter into the oil pump or the oil filter dirt clogging, resulting in bubbles and discharged fluid across the blade, thereby generating noise. Then we need to see whether enough oil, if enough is added to prevent air from entering.

      2, hydraulic oil viscosity is too high, resulting in poor flow, increase the resistance, we need to replace a suitable feed system applications hydraulic oil.

      3, pump or motor failure, concentricity or blade bearing damage will occur coupling error noise. We need to re-adjust concentricity or replace parts intact.

      4, concentrate feeding system can work, but the response directional valve failure, such as heart valve wear, internal leakage, burrs blockage, mobile insensitive, solenoid valve malfunction due to the current lack of which are likely to generate noise. We need to be cleaned on a regular basis on the spool, to ensure clean, no plug, replace damaged parts need for timely, current, but also to ensure the normal supply.

5, mechanical abrasion or mechanical bearings lack of lubrication or loose parts, frictional noise emitted during operation. Parts need to be tightened or replaced, add the necessary lubricants.

About centralized feeding system noise causes and solutions which, today introduced here, daily life, we can concentrate feeding system regularly for inspection, do maintenance work, avoid centralized supply system failure, resulting in noise.