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Austrian poetry De classroom: What is the central feeding system works

Source: This websitePopularity: 349Time: 2015-12-28SML

      Central feeding system uses vacuum transfer mode, through centralized piping system of plastic raw materials transported from the storage tank to a central desiccant drying system and then transported to the raw material after drying each injection molding machine.

      Central feeding system uses "a machine a tube" design approach, the entire system to ensure air transport raw materials to prevent the resurgence of raw materials after the desiccant. Occur simultaneously in each output stable, no blocking material phenomenon. It is with the central desiccant drying system can be used to send after dehumidification drying cycle to clean the transfer line will ensure that no remnants of the pellets in the pipeline, avoiding the resurgence of raw materials, but also to ensure that the raw performance of the injection molding machine is added consistent. In the role of raw material under vacuum dust from the Central Plains will be filtered out through the dust filtration system, it helps to improve the quality of molded products.