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Dryers What is the difference with the traditional hot air?

Source: This websitePopularity: 358Time: 2015-12-28SML

      Dryers generally used in industrial production, the raw material for the hygroscopic desiccant, ensuring high product quality molding. Before companies are using the traditional hot air, if you encounter wet weather, hot air is difficult to complete the drying purposes. The desiccant dryer is to improve Heaters malpractice emerged. So desiccant dryer and dryer ordinary What is the difference? Here Austrian poetry German technicians to answer your questions.

      1, the traditional hot air
      Traditional hot air in order to evaporate the moisture in the material will be heated by hot air of electric materials for high temperature drying. However, due to weather, dry weather and wet weather, the moisture content of the air are not the same, the drying effect will be different. Traditional hot air, electric heating inlet air first, if the weather is too wet the incoming air contains high moisture, the material is difficult to achieve the purpose of drying.

      2, desiccant dryer
      Dehumidifier effectively improve the shortcomings of ordinary dryer, it is first drawn incoming ambient air to remove moisture from the air at low dew point, and then air-dried after the heat supplied to the dryer dehumidifying the material, it is large extent, improve the work efficiency reduces drying time and the drying effect is superb.

      Desiccant dryer air line is the use of a closed loop system, you can not be outside the weather, whether it is wet or dry weather days can be good material drying, no anti-surge. Desiccant dryer is equipped with filters to prevent dust pollution caused by leaks in the factory, keeping the clean air environment.

      Overall, this is the difference between the two different dryer inlet moisture content dryer use.