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What are the benefits of a central feeding system is installed?

Source: This websitePopularity: 344Time: 2015-12-28SML

      The central feeding system is designed specifically for the injection molding industry, it can automate production, not only mentioned the work efficiency has been greatly improved in terms of product quality molding has also been improved, many enterprises have been installed using a central feeding system. Austria and Germany the following poem technician to find out more on what benefits the central feeding system is installed?

      1, the central feeding system using PLC technology, production automation, simple operation, do not need specialized management professionals.

      2, the central feeding system equipment, from raw materials → Save → Metering → drying → transport → use, there are special accessories, can be applied to different production environments.

      3, the central feeding system can achieve a high degree of automation and control, surveillance, etc., and to meet the production needs 24 hours non-stop, and improve production efficiency.

      4, the central feeding system with independent centralized dust recovery system, avoid wasting phenomenon, but also quick to clean, reducing the degree of contamination of injection molding plant, keep it clean and tidy workshop.

      5, the central feeding system capable of centralized management of raw materials, and dry drums with isolated installation, not only can improve the utilization of space, but also reduce dust pollution, creating a comfortable production environment.