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The central feeding system safety procedures

Source: This websitePopularity: 346Time: 2015-12-28SML

      The central feeding system can achieve a continuous unmanned continuous molding operation, to solve the high cost and inadvertently produce dried incomplete repeated manual handling raw material shortage problem, but not mixed with other materials are not allowed, and the most It is important to reduce procurement, power consumption, maintenance costs, improve product quality, speed up production efficiency.

      Safety procedures for the central feeding system:
      1, the rotary dryer dehumidifying the circulating water tank open, the swing in the air to get rid of the moisture content.
      2, open drying me the power, set the raw material drying temperature.
      3, for feeding the motor to check to see whether the normal operation.
      4, open the central feeding console, enter the operation page, the operating parameters of the raw materials sequentially set.
      5, according to production requirements, the drying box filled with raw materials, pay attention to categorize filled, do not mix, mess dress.
      6, according to the production requirements of each machine in the conveying tube is inserted on the central powder, corresponding to the relevant drying box, make sure that the correct input material.
      7, open the electronic eye of the switch, to ensure smooth feeding, normal operation.

About central feeding system for safety procedures described here today. Use the correct procedure based on the central feeding system, will avoid operational errors led to set aside the issue of raw materials, but also can reduce the occurrence of failure and prolong life.