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FAQ central feeding system in plastics processing

Source: This websitePopularity: 360Time: 2015-12-28SML

      The central feeding system for the production of plastic injection molding workshop designed to achieve a continuous unmanned continuous molding operation. It implements the coloring process automation, variety of raw materials can be changed as desired, a combination of multi-color material usage. More importantly, the central feeding system capable of controlling the supply of all equipment and to prevent the blocking phenomenon occurs within the storage silo. At the same time focusing on the central feeding system overall planning workshop, if the system is a bad plan, which will lead to problems in the course, then the common problems which the central feeding system in plastics processing?

      The central feeding system in FAQ plastics processing are:
      1, needle silver frost generally fine lines along the surface of plastic parts produced material flow direction, silver pattern.
      2, through the resin layer covering the surface of the laminated plastic can be seen outside of the more obvious cracks reinforcing layer or layers of material has.
      3, due to inadequate flow of melt in the mold cavity, resulting in plastic parts and produce ring-shaped table, spiral or cloudy wave and current waveforms uneven scar defects.
      4, plastic parts in the presence of fillers such as wood flour or asbestos caused significant scarring of coke material blended in the melt, the plastic surface and internal defects in the formation of scar.
      5, in the plastics processing mold filling process, if the residual amount of gas within the melt, or in the cavity of the air is not completely drained, so that the internal plastic parts after forming clusters form smaller pores or defects.
      6, when the plastic parts in plastic processing cooling process, the cooling surface to be cooled and solidified after curing, or the wall thickness of the inner portion, so that the volume shrinkage, contraction velocity outside the inconsistent internal surface of the plastic parts forming recesses stretching, to produce shallow pits or dimples.

      It played a central feeding system control in plastics processing, co-ordination role, while addressing the many automated processes in plastics processing. But in the plastics processing will encounter many common problems, and these issues are of concern in the production and processing personnel.