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What impact desiccant dryer drying efficiency is the best?

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      With the continuous development of the injection molding industry, conventional hot air drying system has been replaced by a better drying effect of desiccant dryer. It's drying cycle is short compared to the traditional way, the effect is more obvious, more to accelerate the pace of industrial production, it is one of the indispensable equipment injection molding industry. However, the use of dehumidification drying machine in the process, sometimes because of the drying efficiency is affected by several factors, leading to its drying efficiency is not particularly good. So you know what the impact desiccant dryer optimum drying efficiency is not it? The following poem by the Austrian German professional and technical personnel for you to explain:

      Four factors desiccant dryer optimum drying efficiency:

      1. Drying time:
      Refers to the need to dry the material before molding pre-drying time, to be customized according to the required reasonable drying time drying the raw material, the drying time is too short will cause the phenomenon of high moisture content of the raw material, can not achieve the purpose of drying, and the drying time is too Long will cause agglomeration or deterioration of raw materials, a great waste of energy.

      2. drying temperature:
      Barrel temperature of the air entering the drying is drying temperature drying temperature have a certain limit, because if the temperature is too high, then it will make part of the raw material deterioration or caking additives volatile, and too low will make certain crystalline raw materials can not achieve the desired drying conditions, there is to choose insulation insulation dry bucket, avoid drying temperature leakage, resulting in the drying temperature is less than or waste of energy.
      3. The amount of dry air:
      Is the only way to take away the raw water in the medium is dry air volume, air volume affect the dehumidifying effect of good or bad. Wind might cause the return air temperature is too high, resulting in overheating and affect the stability of the dew point of the air volume is too small it can not be completely taken away the raw material in the water, air flow is representative of desiccant dehumidification capability.

      The dew point temperature:
      It is when the gas is cooled to the moisture condenses into water droplets containing the temperature, the less moisture in the gas, the lower dew point temperature is a measure of the extent of dry or wet gas units. General can reach -40 ℃ dew point temperature is a good desiccant dryer dew point. Most of the plastic dehumidifier more hygroscopic, when the plastic bag sealed from moisture removed exposed to the atmosphere, begins to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, if the general traditional hot air dryer drums, because based on the outside air with moisture to dried plastic, it can not prevent the plastic continues to absorb moisture. With a wide range of engineering plastics are used, plastic dehumidifier / has been gradually replacing traditional hot air dryer.