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The central feeding system, which has several feed mode?

Source: This websitePopularity: 360Time: 2015-12-28SML

      The central feeding system feeding method:
      1, automatic feeding system equipment means:
The use of the automatic air piping material way, more used several extruders in parallel associate producer for the material, in such a relatively large-scale production of extruded products plant, conveyor feed system consists of a total feed pipe, then separation of several branch pipes, respectively, to each extruder hopper feed. This relies on compressed air, using duct conveying material way with a small footprint, less employment, the environment is relatively clean features, can be used to transport pellets and powder, to meet the different requirements of the workshop.

      2, the central feeding system equipment means:
When the hopper feed systems need feeding, fan 2 starts, through the suction pipe 4 and filter 3, a negative pressure within the intermediate storage bin; at the same time, raw materials and intermediate storage bins and boxes connected to the suction the intermediate storage silo feeding tube 8 raw material tank inhalation, a certain amount when inhaled, feeding relay, central system fan stops working, suction work stops; then the discharge valve is opened, the extruder hopper thus feeding into the role of the central system, the central feeding system facilities and equipment are component parts have a fan, the suction pipe, storage silos, tubes, filters, electronic control boxes.

      3, the spring feeding system equipment means:
It is to a coil spring mounted in the rubber tube, spring directly driven by the electric motor, high-speed rotation and in the rubber tube. Thus when the hopper needs feeding, start the motor will drive spring rotation, the spiral spring driven by rising raw material, rubber tubes open at the upper end of the hopper is aligned with a discharge port, up to the raw material discharge opening is rotated at a centrifugal force of the spring cast the discharge opening, into the hopper. Such a simple feeding device structure suitable for pellets and powder delivery, operation and maintenance are very convenient.