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The central feeding system should be how to properly operate?

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      The central feeding system for correct operation methods:
      1, the central feeding system for safety device to keep in good condition, must not be as easy, leaving the safety device failure. In everyday use, to observe, to wear a central feeding system components, be replaced or repaired, so as to prolong its service life.
      2, before the start, it should be first with the drive wheel moving a human twice, confirmed flexible movement, began to turn on the operation of the central feeding system, have to wait for the central feeding system is operating normally before feeding. When you are finished using central feeding system, we need to stop running, you need to pay attention to that before stopping for the central feeding system operation, should be the first stop feeding material and machine drained before motor is switched off.
      3, check whether the broken product particle size central feeding system operating requirements, excessive if it exceeds a predetermined particle size, should find out the reasons (such as screen bar gap is too big, too wide discharge opening, hammer wear loss, etc.), and take appropriate measures to deal with the problem. Also, keep the plastic central feeding system to feed the product evenly, to prevent overload. Can not prevent broken metal and wood objects fall into machine. Can not crushed into the feed water is not too high; when wet broken, you will need proper water, to prevent clogging due to lack of flushing, to reduce production capacity.
      4, the operation should pay attention to the temperature of the bearings, make sure to maintain good bearing lubrication, and pay attention to any abnormal sound and vibration. Found to be normal, the first stop to check whether it should be unbreakable objects stuck, or the central feeding system has been corrupted.
      5, how to wear every day the central feeding system After the operation, check the fastening bolts are secure, easy to wear parts. If you pay more attention to what in daily use, you can make the central feeding system more durable.
      These are on the central feeding system for correct operation method described, do the above points, not only to improve the life of the supply of equipment, more importantly, save energy and reduce maintenance costs.