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Procedure desiccant dryer have?

Source: This websitePopularity: 346Time: 2015-12-28SML

      Desiccant dryer steps:
      1. Determine the dehumidifier has been installed and adjusted;
      2, the control box power and dehumidifiers panel power switch is turned on;
      3, always check the temperature of the tank instruction, if you want to find fault timely maintenance;
      4, when the temperature rise reaches the specified temperature, lower strength section view and temperature are the same;
      5, when the barrel of production always keep 80% full;
      6, the raw material sufficient to achieve the specified drying time before they can produce;
      7, drying is completed, when you want to shut down, turn off the feed plate, after the underlying raw smoked before closing the feeding systems;
      8, the Run button operator interface on all closed, turn off the main power supply.
      About desiccant dryer steps described here today, another small series alerted when dehumidifying dryer running work, careful not to touch the body, to avoid being scalded. In order to extend the life of equipment, but also regular maintenance.