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Maintenance of horizontal mixer?

Source: This websitePopularity: 349Time: 2015-12-28SML

      Horizontal mixing machine is in use, because the habit of attention to maintenance, pay attention to the following matters:
      a, after the initial operation of the mixer equipment, should fully inspect each joint portions to be tightened again if necessary.
      b, after the initial operation of the mixer for several hours, check the V-belt tension level, when adjusting the rear belt tensioning screw evenly tensioned motor base plate shall locking bolts tightened to prevent loosening.
      c, mixer equipment ministries should be kept clean, especially the inner wall of the mixing vessel and into the discharge hole refueling should be cleaned, and the inner wall of the device for a long time should not apply anti-rust oil discharge portion.
      d, mixer equipment required regular checks, periodic maintenance, consumable parts when damaged, must be repaired, replaced.
      e, electrical equipment should be checked regularly, especially the heater and found that damage should be replaced.
      f, electrical control box should be cleaned regularly to clean up dust on electrical components, prevent damage to the contactor